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Staff attendance software with finger print clock in and clock out

  • Fundamental concepts


This part includes the definition and description of the fundamental concepts. It includes:

  • registration of users
  • verification of users
  • set up for safety level
  • ID number for users
  • limitation level

The registration and verification of users are the two main functions of the OTA710C attendance record device.

1.1.1 Registration of users

Registration is the process to create an ID number for the customer and then scan their fingerprint three times to form a characteristic number. Then the system relates the ID number with the characteristic number. This characteristic number will be stored in the storage chip as a formwork.

Through comparing the pre-stored formwork with the scanned fingerprint, the identity of the user can be confirmed.

A pre-registered user can “check in” at certain attendance recording device locations. The process will take around 2 seconds.

The same ID number can register for up to 10 different fingerprints, so that users can have more selections for verification.

Theoretically each finger of each hand should be registered. Then when a finger of the user is injured, he/she can use the other healthy fingers to finish checking in. Generally two fingers are recommended, so that the user can use any of the two fingers to verify. This helps to avoid the situation when he/she forget which finger was registered.


1.1.2 Verification of user

When the user presses the fingerprint on the collecting device or types in an ID number and then types in the password or the fingerprint, this process is called verification. The system will send the information on whether the verification is successful or not. The successful comparison will be stored in the device.

1.1.3 set up for safety level

Set up for safety level is to get a balance between refusing and the probability of misjudgment. Misjudgment is when the device identifies user A’s fingerprint as user B’s fingerprint. Refusing is when the device refuses to check in for the fingerprint.

You can set up the corresponding valve based on all users. For those verification of fingerprint that is difficult to pass, a verification method called the“ID + fingerprint”(i.e. The 1:1 comparison). The system will then use the safety level of 1:1 when comparing them.

If the user’s finger is seriously injured or scratched, the safety properly should be lowered.

It is worth mentioning that the ratio of refusing and the one of misjudgment will affect each other. Reducing the ratio of refusing will result in increase in the one of misjudgment, and vise versa.


The safety level is 3 for the default 1:N comparison and 40 for the default 1:1 comparison.


1.1.4 User’s ID number

The users will be given an ID number when they start registering. When they verify their fingerprints, this number will be used to relate the characteristic of the fingerprint formwork or the password.


The ID number is typed in by using the number key board. But they can also be typed in by using some of the other storing methods such as the radio converting card. (this requires that the device has a radio converting card reader)

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