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Churchinfo is an online software that helps churches to do church administrative work or keeping record of church members and activities. Installation includes host and domain name.



  1. Register all members of the church(name,address,phone number, photos, marital status etc)
  2. Register members by families
  3. Individual registration
  4. Register each child baptise in the church under his family
  5. Register each person wedded in the each as a seperate family
  6. Register death in the church
  7. Upload certificate to individual record
  8. Register voluntee workers in the church
  9. Register church events
  10. Monitor donation/pledges by individual members of the church or AMC (for catholic church)
  11. You can print report of any of this registration with ease.
  12. Send church inspiration/newsletters to all the members at once.
  13. Group members (ministers, baptismal class, working group,)



  1. It helps keep track of all the members of the church, you know them in case of immagency and how to contact their families. You can search for members by name or families.
  2. It helps to keep a clean record of those baptise/wedded in your church and you can get to their files by just searching their names or family names.
  3. In case of recommendation, you will know whether the person is a member of your church.
  4. You keep track of church events/programs and donations.
  5. Churchinfo makes work in the church very easy and the most important is that, it runs online , therefore you can check infomation on the database anywhere you are in the world.
  6. It is protected with username and password for security reasons, so only trusted members will access it.
  7. The database can contain millions of people.
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