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These plans below are priced according to how many Monthly Subscriptions

Emails addresses Cost (Naira) Time Number of Emails
100 1,000 Monthly unlimited
500 3,000 Monthly unlimited
1000 5,000 Monthly unlimited
5000 10,000 Monthly unlimited
10000 15,000 Monthly unlimited
15,000 20,000 Monthly unlimited
20,000 23,000 Monthly unlimited
30,000 30,000 Monthly unlimited
40,000 35,000 Monthly unlimited
50,000 40,000 Monthly unlimited
60,000 45,000 Monthly unlimited
70,000 50,000 Monthly unlimited
80,000 55,000 Monthly unlimited
90,000 60,000 Monthly unlimited
100,000 65,000 Monthly unlimited
Unlimited 100,000 Monthly unlimited







Email marketing is cheaper than other online advertising.

If you send out 100,000 emails and 10,000 recipients open it, it cost N30,000 but if you do advert on google or facebook and 10,000 visitors click on the advert, it will cost you N160,000 (Calculating from 10 cent per click)

Remember in google and facebook, if your money finishes your advert will stop running and nobody will see it again but in email marketing, the emails you send remains in the recipients inbox for ever and ever. I have a client who called me recently that he got my email two years ago and now he needs my service and he has to go to his achieve and dig it out.

This is a very cost-effective method for a business to market its products or services to a broad audience. If you can plan an effective email campaign with a quality business email list then you can get great results from it, since the emails are delivered to people’s email boxes, there is possibility that out of 100,000 emails you sent, 70,000 people will reach their destination.

An important advantage of business email marketing is that it allows you to reach a large audience with minimal effort. It is relatively cheap to launch a business to business email marketing campaign when compared to other marketing methods. Often, you will already have your own email list that you have compiled from your own client base.

The cost to broadcast emails is also very low compared to traditional mailshots. Often, each email will cost less than N1 per email if sent in high enough volumes. Therefore, the cost is very low to broadcast an email marketing campaign.